At Home Spa Experience with Bathorium

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What comes to your thoughts when you hear the word Spa? Well for me the first thing that comes to mind is relaxation. I get it, we are all busy individuals and we don’t even have time to pamper ourselves sometimes. So, going to the spa and spend $$ is a luxury to some of us. But, what if you can create a spa experience at home and give yourself some time to relax? I bet you would say Yes I need that! You’re not only saving your money but you get a relaxing day at home too. Now let me tell you how you can exactly do it with Bathorium Luxury Bath Products.

Let me tell you first a little background about this company, they began with only one mission in mind; #bringbackthebath. They first started off in 2014 after their co-founder saw many Europeans treasured their bath time and realized that us, people, need some time to get away from the stresses around us.  Bathorium provides luxury bath bombs and soaks and is named as Canada’s Top bath bomb producer.  They offer a wide range of bath soaks, bath bombs, and other bath essentials that would enhance your bath experience. They will even offer you a free sample of their product, you just need to pay shipping which is $5!

I love bath soaks, as often times my body gets too tired either after an intense workout at the gym or after a week of stressful days at the office. So when I found out that I can get a sample of this luxury bath soak, I went ahead and purchased my own sample!

How to C.R.U.S.H

  1. fill tub halfway with warm water, optimal temp is 100ºf
  2. add in C.R.U.S.H for the 1 bath soak, add in the entire packet under the running water. If you happen to have larger bags, scoop 1/2 cup (or add just to your liking)
  3. get your wine, get naked, and get in
  4. relax! you’ve earned this.

I got the Eucalyptus Apothecary as my chosen sample. The active ingredients are Epsom salt, Moroccan lava clay, jojoba oil, aloe butter, tea tree oil, peppermint oil, and eucalyptus oil. It is perfect for foot soaks and post massage treatments. I used this after I had an intense shoulder workout at the gym, and that was on a Saturday. Thursday night I had leg day, and Friday night I had arm day. So I tell you, I was pretty much sore that day that I decided to take a relaxing time in the tub.

After I followed those steps mentioned above, (except the part to get your wine – cause we didn’t have wine at the house – yeah I know, bummer!)  I got in and soaked myself. The perfect warm water and the smell of eucalyptus, plus the soothing effect of Epsom salt and eucalyptus regained my sanity.  I can still feel the relaxation I had while writing this blog, and honestly, I just want to do it again, and again. Well I might do this as a weekly routine!

It was such an awesome experience, that I wished I had my own Jacuzzi and I would probably do it as a daily routine. 😀 Another good thing about this product tho is the fact that after soaking yourself for quite some time you won’t even feel your skin dried up. I had used other bath soaks from a local pharmacy, and Bathorium Crush has made a difference among them. I would love to try other bath products from them, and if you want to just click here to get your free sample!
Another good news, you can also get $10.00 off all 600g Crush bags that includes C.R.U.S.H products as well or 25% off ALL PRODUCTS with a minimum purchase of $100!  They also offer gift sets and value sets on their website, so why not take the current offer and stock up to get your gifts ready for the holidays!

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