Colourpop is joining Sephora!

Who else is excited about this news? Me and the rest of the beauty industry who loves colourpop and loves to shop at Sephora! My eyes literally lit up as soon as I saw the article on Facebook, it’s one of the good news I had so far today 🙂

According to Colourpop, they are partnering with Sephora to launch an exclusive line in November. What do you think it is? That question triggered a lot of beauty insider’s minds, some of them said it could be their own line of foundation or a holiday set. We will see till they announce it on November, as of now we can’t contain our excitement about this news!

Colourpop is famous with their ultra matte lipsticks and eyeshadows, plus they are really cheap too! Formula wise, a lot of colors to choose from, and with their prices, it is worth investing in their products. I have some of their lipsticks and they are the best ones I used so far!

Also, according to Colourpop prices will stay the same even if they partner with Sephora. That would be great considering that a lot of us was worried that they will raise prices up by joining the Sephora team. I do hope that aside from the exclusive product that they are collaborating, they will also put into shelves in Sephora their lipsticks and eyeshadows. With that, there will be no need for us to wait on shipping which is great!

So, what do you think about this great news? In my opinion, I am just excited about it! Get those beauty insider points with your colourpop purchases in Sephora!



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