How to Spot a Fake Designer Handbags Online

With online shopping becoming popular these days; a seller can easily scam of a buyer by posting photos of real designer handbags, but in reality, they are selling counterfeit ones. To avoid being scammed and waste your money, here are some tips on how to spot fake designer handbags:


  • Know the source

Obviously, the best way to know the authenticity of the product is if you buy it directly on a company’s website. However, there are some cases that the actual product you want is no longer available on their website. If you find yourself

-browsing thru e-commerce sites, make sure to ask the seller the authenticity guarantee of the product.

  • Check the images posted

If you see generic photos of the actual product from the seller’s website, do not hesitate to request the actual photo of the product from the seller. Especially if the seller claimed it to be “used”. I usually check the actual photo from the seller and I also make sure that she takes a picture of the logo tag inside the bag. Some logo tags, like coach purses, have a serial number in it. 


  •  Examine the trim

Big brands like Louis Vuitton takes so much time and effort to get their products straight and perfect. Stitches should be perfectly even and no loose threads. Letters should not be divided in a seam and patterns should match precisely on either side. Also, check for misspellings in the purse. There are some counterfeit purses that look too real, but some words are misspelled.

  • Compare the price

Price is one way to tell you that the product is real or not. Some sellers might sell the product for a lesser price than retail stores, but if the price is way too discounted than the original price then most likely it is fake. There are some that might match what the retail stores offer, yet it is fake. In that case, check the previous tips to know if you’re getting the real deal or not.

These are just some of the tips I learned on how to recognize a fake designer purse. In the digital word that we live in, it is important to train our minds to recognize fake products apart from real ones. That way we can avoid wasting our money on products that are not even worth it.

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