My August Sephora Playbox – Product Reviews

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It’s the end of the month once again, How fast did this month pass us by? Faster than I thought. I am actually happy that my playbox arrived earlier than expected, they usually arrive during the 3rd week of the month but this time it came in the first week of August. That means I have more time to test the products and review them.

Can I just say that I am pretty happy with this month’s products on my playbox, I got products from Beautyblender, Too Faced and Kat von d!

Beautyblender Micro Mini ($18)

A revolutionary mini makeup applicator sponge for highlighting, contouring, and concealing. Perfectly shaped to reach the smallest parts of your face. 

This is my first beautyblender ever, I have been considering to get one beautyblender for myself but didn’t have the chance as $20 for a sponge is a little over the edge for me. Lol 😛 I have been using this now for my concealer and it really does the work, I like how it is shaped to fit perfectly the corner of your eyes and other hard to reach areas. Also, it only distributes the right amount of product thus having less makeup waste.

Pros: Perfect size for applying concealer and cream contour. Makes blending your concealer easier.

Cons: A little expensive, $18 for two mini sponges.  If you’re considering to get beautyblender, might as well get the big one for $2 more.

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Too faced Mascara Melt Off Cleansing Oil ($17)

Gentle cleansing oil dissolves both regular and waterproof mascara for easy and effective makeup removal. 

This is new for me, I never thought that toofaced would actually come up with a product like this to clean off your mascara. At first, I thought it was another too faced mascara in the box but when I read the description, it was actually a cleansing oil to take off both regular and waterproof mascara. I just usually clean my eye makeup with a micellar water, but since I got this it actually helped me out a lot in removing my eye makeup. The good thing about this product is you won’t need to tug and rub your eye area which is really bad, you just need to apply it as if you are applying a mascara. Let them sit for 60 seconds to allow the formula to work then wipe away with a damp cloth or a cleansing wipes.

Pros: Helpful in cleansing your eye makeup especially your mascara, no need for heavy rubbing and tugging.

Cons: Sometimes it still can get a little messy once you melt off those mascara, a cleansing oil would still do the work if you don’t plan to purchase this.

Kat Von D Lock-it Concealer Creme ($26)

Multitasking and nourishing 24-hour coverage concealer brighten the under-eye area, color corrects, and smooths complexion. 

Another Kat Von D sample in my box and I am honestly too pumped for it to try. I never tried a full coverage concealer as I just usually apply it under the eye and use it for highlighting and contouring. After I got this sample tho, it became my every day to go concealer. The formula is rich, creamy and absolutely blendable. I love it! I would surely recommend this concealer as it does not only do the traditional concealer does but also it brightens under eye area, covers blemishes, can be used as a color corrector, contours, and bake.

Pros: It has 21 shades and even include a pure white, White out, for a dramatic highlighting and mixing to create custom shades.

Cons: Well, one con for me is the sample size was really small and after almost a month of using it I am already running out of it. 😛 Also, one product review said that you need to moisturize your skin if you have a dry under eye. I can definitely say yes, you need extra moisture when using this concealer as one time when a part of my face was dry the concealer got cakey and patchy.


Kopari Coconut Melt ($38)

Unrefined, 100% premium, organic coconut oil contains fatty acids to seal in moisture and can be used anywhere on the body. 

This is like a revolutionary coconut oil for me, this is specifically made for use on your body to lock in moisture especially those who suffer dry skin. I know that coconut oil became really popular just a few years back and now it is readily available in local supermarkets, and people are buying it for its flexible uses. What makes this Kopari Coconut Melt unique among those coconut oil in supermarkets is its quality. They only use the highest-grade coconuts sourced in the Philippines (that is where I came from, yey!). The texture can become really dry if you store in a cool dry place, just rub the product between your hands to melt and apply it on troubled areas. I have been using this daily after shower and sometimes I mix it with my face moisturizer. The smell is straight up coconut oil, no other chemicals added for fragrance.

Pros: I love using it as it made my skin softer than ever.

Cons: Can be expensive for a coconut oil, but its the quality that counts!

Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo ($12-$22)

Powered by a new, patented molecule, this effective dry shampoo absorbs excess oil and makes hair look and feel refreshed. 

I am not really a fan of dry shampoo as I rarely use it, but for the sake of this review I tried using it and see how it goes. First, I don’t really like the smell it is too strong for a dry shampoo and felt like a men’s perfume. Second, I felt like it adds more oil to my hair than absorbing oil. After using it in the morning, my hair became oily at night. So I can’t really say about the pros and cons of this product as I am not just a fan of dry shampoo in general. 🙂

Kat Von D Saint & Sinner Perfume ($22-$80)

And of course, my playbox always comes with a sample perfume. This time it came with two which is the Kat Von D Saint and Sinner. The Saint one is more like a floral scent with a musk based and the Sinner is more of a warm and spicy with a vanilla base note. I gave the sinner sample to my husband and it smelled pretty good on him, it is more of a manly scent. ;p

And that is for my August playbox reviews! Has any of you tried some of the products mentioned here? If you do, let me know your thoughts in the comment section below. xiao!



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