My July Sephora Playbox – Product reviews

I like getting sample products, I feel like it is actually better to try sample sizes first before splurging on a full-size product. With that in mind, I subscribed to Sephora Play Box last year. I was actually put on a waiting list when I signed up and they sent me an email after a month or two that a spot opened up for me, thus I gladly joined right away and had been receiving boxes since October 2016.

The Play! Box costs $10 per month shipping included. It comes with 5 deluxe samples and a fragrance bonus all in a collectible bag. The box also comes with a Play! book that includes tips, tricks, beauty advice and how-to’s to get the most out of your samples. You will also get a play! pass ticket that has 50 bonus points for your beauty insider account, just as long as you buy any product from the store.

This month my box includes mascara, face mask, hair conditioning mask, lipstick, exfoliating cleanser, and a perfume. Well, here are the products in this month’s box.

IT Cosmetics Superhero Elastic Stretch Volumizing Mascara

It claims to be a lengthening mascara that gives your lashes volume, reach and lift with just one coat. Honestly, It did the work for me, I swiped just one coat of mascara and it did transform my lashes. The formula is thick and the brush is long, the application was smooth and easy thus I really liked it. It tends to clamp out as the wand gets too much product however, you can easily wipe it off with a tissue. I am now using it every day since I tried it, and I bet this mascara sample will be gone in no time. If you would ask if I will buy it again, yes I would in full size! I even took a photo of my eyes wearing it.

The left eye is the one that has mascara on it, just see how it lengthens my lashes 🙂

Fresh Rose Face Mask

This one is a hydrating and toning gel mask that refreshes tired & dull skin. It is infused with pure rosewater and rose petals. The formula is very light especially when you apply it on your skin as a mask, you can barely feel it. I am a fan of masks, but I liked it better if it is an exfoliating mask. I tried using it after shower one day, I leave it on my face for 10 mins and rinse it off after. I did not feel any difference after using it but it is safe to use daily and will work more as a moisturizer than a mask.

Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Color Splash lipstick in Set Sail

I love lipsticks, if there is one thing in the makeup industry I am very excited about, that would be a lipstick. I always get so pumped every time a lipstick is included in my play box. This one is a pretty small sample size, but I super love the shade! The shade is like a blushing nude and the formula is so creamy but doesn’t fade after I smudge it for a bit. Like all the rainforest of the sea products, the formula contains a proprietary blend of algae and marine flower extracts that help to smooth and soften skin. This lipstick is by far one of my most favorite satin formula, it just glides on smoothly and so pigmented!

Madame C.J. Walker Wonderful Deep Conditioning Masque

I am not a fan of hair products and because of that, my hair is so damaged right now. This deep conditioning masque is a rich, nurturing treatment mask that moisturizes dry, damaged, and color treated hair that gives it a healthy looking shine. My hair has been so frizzy and tangled lately that I can barely brush it. When I used this hair mask, I felt the difference! My hair was smooth, easy to brush, and shiny. I really liked this one, the only cons for me with this product is the strong smell.

Clinique Pep Start 2-in-1 Exfoliating Cleanser

This is a gel cleanser that removes impurities, revitalizes, and exfoliates, then rinses away to reveal a soft, smooth skin. I am not a gel cleanser fan. I like my cleansers rich and creamy, but for the sake of review, I tried using it. It is not bad compared to other gel cleansers I tried, it actually removes impurities with tiny beads as an exfoliator. The smell wasn’t too bad either, it does not have a strong citrus smell, unlike other products. I was surprised to actually like it however, I am not going to replace my St. Ives as my primary exfoliating product.

Guerlain Perfume

Not many of you know, my nose is so sensitive to smell that I barely wear perfume. I have a strong reaction to strong smelling perfume and sometimes, it gives me a headache. I only spray mists on a daily basis, but on a special occasion, I spray a tinsy bit of perfume on my body. The base note of this perfume is vanilla and sandalwood with a fresh note of jasmine and lavender mingle. I love sweet scents, my favorite scent includes vanilla and this is the main reason why I love this perfume. It was a strong scent after I sprayed it on my wrist, however, the sweet scent made me fell in love with it. Now, I have a new favorite scent of perfume!

My dear Sephora playbox subscribers, did you also receive the same products as mine? If not, you can tell me what you got in the comments section below. I would love to talk to you 🙂



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